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How to submit your article(s) for possible publishing at Worship Blog

Yes, unsolicited articles are accepted!

What gets approved are articles

  • that are useful for worshippers, worship leaders, and musicians in some way
  • that are original, and offer something fresh to the world
  • with a minimum word count of 1,000 words

So if you love to write, submit your article(s) by emailing it as a Word document to
editor @

And don’t forget to include a short bio (around 50 words) about yourself too.

Please remember that you will receive a response only if the article is approved for publishing.

By submitting your writing to Worship Blog, you grant full, complete, and exclusive permission to Worship Blog to publish your article. Once your article is approved for publishing, you may republish extracts of it onlineon your own blog or website for example. However, you are to ensure that the full article in its entirety does not appear anywhere else. All published content will become the property of Worship Blog.