10 Best Applications to Learn Guitar for Beginners

In this age of digital technology, mobile phones play a huge role in making our lives convenient. Mobile technology has penetrated almost every field that we might know of, and one of these areas is the entertainment industry.

There are tons of mobile applications that make the learning curve of playing musical instruments easier, quicker and more fun when compared to the pre-internet era. This includes guitar apps that are tailor-made for teaching purposes. So, if you are a fan of the guitar but don’t like attending classes or cannot afford taking lessons, then you might want to consider these apps.

While, these apps are great for beginners, experienced musicians can also step up their game by using some of the more challenging apps. Guitar learning applications exist for both Android and iOS platforms and below are some of the best apps that you should try out.

Android Apps

1. Perfect Ear

This app is useful for learning many musical instruments since it is not a guitar-specific application. It focuses on two crucial areas that any musician should master: tone and rhythm.

Perfect Ear features various chord, interval, rhythm, and scale training exercises to help you understand and get comfortable with the music. It also features training for absolute pitch, note singing, and sight reading. If you have problems in distinguishing tones, then this app is exactly what you are looking for.

Perfect Ear also has articles on music making that will prove useful if you need to write your own songs.

2. Real Guitar

This app can simulate both electric and acoustic guitars. However, you will need a gadget that has multi-touch capabilities since this feature is vital for the chords to work. Real Guitar consists of 16 track loops to play and sing along to. It also comes with a recording mode, which you can export to MP3. Meaning, you can come up with a song by only using your device and even record it later. Isn’t that awesome! This is an app that any beginner will have fun with.

3. Guitar Tuner

With this app, you simply play the string on your instrument and Guitar Tuner listens using the built-in microphone of your mobile device to identify which note is being played. This app makes it easy to adjust the tuning. The app also supports multiple alternative tunings.

4. Smart Chord

This app is great to study chords that you do not recognize. Also, you can use it when you want to practice rhythm, scales, train your ear or even write and compose your own music. For a beginner app, this is a neat application that has lots of functionalities.

5. Metronomerous

The interface of this metronome app can be a little intimidating at first glance, but that is only because it can do so much. Supports triplets, eighths, sixteenths, sextuplets and quintuplets.

iOS Applications

1. Tab Toolkit

This is an excellent tool that guitar players can use apart from bassists, drummers or keyboardists to learn and play along to your favorite songs. Supports tabs, notations and multi-tracks and you can easily upload your Power Tab, personal sheet music or even your favorite song PDFs too.

2. Guitar Lessons

Beginners and advanced musicians will get fast results with multiple, high-definition, step-by-step lessons that teach top techniques for various musical genres and levels of skill.

3. GarageBand

This app is fantastic in the sense that it gives you a full band and music creation studio. While the app enables you to choose several built-in instruments, you can plug in your guitar and have access to stomp box effects or tons of amps too. You can easily play along or create music using this app.

4. Amplitube 3

This app features realistic sound effects to turn your mobile device into a virtual guitar and bass studio. The built-in loop drummer system can help generate cool drum sections for your composed songs too. The good thing about this app is that you can make your music without having to use many different apps.

5. Guitar Jam Tracks

This is a powerful guitar app to learn all the minor/major scales, standard styles and also get knowledgeable about finger placement. There are scale charts in all keys, which can be zoomed-in for easier reading. The app comes with five default styles, but you can add more if needed.


There you have it, the best applications to learn and sharpen your guitar playing skills easily and conveniently. All you need to do is connect to the internet, install these apps and use them regularly to grow your musical skills. Wait no longer, connect and learn!

Author bio

This is a guest post by Alex Frank who has worked in the sound technology industry for 10 years now. He is also an affiliate blogger who likes to educate his audience about music and sound technologies. Visit Music Instruments Center to discover more information about topics related to music.