‘Sand and Stars’ – Covenant Worship Live Album Review

“Sand & Stars”, the new live album from Covenant Worship released yesterday. The title is inspired from Genesis 22:17, “blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore”

Worship pastor David Binion, one of the leaders of this ministry describes the project as “All of these scriptures speak of legacy, the promise of future generations. In Deuteronomy, legacy is referred to as the Seed of Abraham. The New Testament connects us to that promise, referring to all people grafted into the family of Israel… legacy has always been close to the Father’s heart. The whole essence of the heart of what we’re doing is this blended expression of young, middle age and older” I need to be able to pass the baton to a well-trained young person and give them a higher starting place than I had… that is the whole thought process. Live with legacy in mind.”

About the Songs

The album kicks off with “Gate of Heaven”, a faith declaration that the Lord is here with us and it works as an effective call to worship too—overall, a strong start.

“All Things” is a song of hope to endure life’s storms, drawing strength from God’s Word that He always works all things for our good in the end.

“Back to the Father” is firmly based on the parable of the prodigal son. A beautiful lyric and melody that’s sure to help you offer thanks and praise for the lavish generosity of the Father in accepting us when we return to Him. Great song! Here’re the chorus lyrics:

I’m going back to the Father / Back to the One who offers forgiveness / For all that I’ve done as He runs to embrace me / He calls me His son and I’m home / Going back to the Father / Back to the place where all of my sin and shame is erased / By His unfailing love and unending grace / And I’m home

“Song of My Heart” is an upbeat song of trust encouraging us to find strength in God and His faithful promises.

A pleasant song of victory, “Love Has Overcome” follows. Very catchy, can’t help clapping and celebrating to this one!

Lyrically, “The Highest Praise” has scenes of worship described in the Book of Revelation all over it. Musically, it’s fun, upbeat and quite joyful. Nice “hallelujah” chorus too!

“Persuaded” is a breezy song about God’s love declaring how we cannot be separated from it by anything.

The title track “Sand and Stars” is an inspired reflection on the greatness and love of God—definitely one of the best songs in this project.

“All Honor” is an uplifting song of no-holds-barred adoration. Simple lyrics, easy melodies and neat arrangements make this another really fine song.

The record closes with “Doxology” with a “Hallelujah” chorus and a bridge thrown in to make this version their own and it’s superb! The bridge is a powerful and encouraging faith declaration that truly spoke to my heart as I was listening (and singing along) to it.

There’s a breaking in my favor / There’s a shifting in my direction / There’s a breaking in my favor / As I praise


Here’s the video of “All Honor” if you want to get a taste of this project.

My Favorite Songs

  • Back to the Father
  • Doxology
  • Sand and Stars
  • All Honor
  • Love Has Overcome

True to the album name, apparently all of these songs were recorded under the stars during a church retreat. Check it out, I believe, you’ll enjoy the worship.